Hi, I’m Louise Goldsbury, a travel writer since 1999 — yes, last century!

If you want to know more about that, read How I Became a Travel Writer.

More recently, I spent the past decade writing about cruising, but that was sunk by the pandemic. Australia shut off from the world for two years, so I decided to roam around the country, mostly in Queensland and WA, while freelancing for The Australian.

In 2022, I travelled around Europe, as a digital (and nautical) nomad.

In 2023, I’m writing a book, set on a cruise ship. This newsletter is like a first draft, open to anyone. My novel is inspired by many of these true stories, but sails off in a fictional direction.

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A travel writer, stuck in Australia during the pandemic, is released into the world. These are the stories I wasn’t allowed (or didn’t dare) to publish — from land and sea aboard 80+ cruises.


Nautical nomad. Roaming the world by sea. Travel writer for 20 years. Former: Managing Editor (AU) of Cruise Critic; The Solo Traveller columnist in Escape; The Cruise Tourist columnist in The Australian; Editor of Cruise Weekly.